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Finland by car

Finland by car -brochure includes the most important facts for you to keep in mind while driving in Finland. Targeted primarily to tourists, the brochure is available in eight languages (Finnish, English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese and Chinese).

Brochure is primarily targeted to tourists who like to drive a car in Finland. The content of the brochure is explained in English on this page. You can find printable PDF-documents in above mentioned languages at the bottom of the page.

The brochure is published by Finnish Road Safety Council (Liikenneturva) and The Finnish Motor Insurers’ Centre (LVK).

Safety equipment

  • Always wear a seat belt, even in the back seat. Everyone travelling by car must wear a seat belt.
  • Children under the height of 1.35 m must use a child safety seat.

In cold weather

  • To be able to see through the windows, keep the blowers running when it’s cold outside
  • Check to ensure that your car is equipped with a warning triangle and perhaps even a high-visibility vest, which will make you visible to other drivers if you need to leave your car when it’s dark outside.
  • Use the engine pre-heater before starting your car. Refer to your car owner’s manual for more information.
  • Make sure that you have warm clothing in case of an emergency.


Always drive with your headlights on. Use long-range lights on unlit roads in the dark. Longrange lights may blind other drivers. Always switch to lowbeam lights when there is oncoming traffic or you are driving close to the vehicle in front.

Study the instructions on fog lights in your car owner’s manual.

Right-hand traffic

Finland has right-hand side traffic. Keep to the right edge of the road to avoid a risk of collision with oncoming traffic, but also keep an eye out for pedestrians.

Speed limits

Always follow the speed limits. Decelerate to a safe speed in difficult weather.

A built-up area sign indicates a speed limit of 50 km/h. Outside built-up areas, the speed limit is 80 km/h, unless otherwise indicated.

Difficult driving conditions

It’s dark in Finland in the winter, and road surfaces are covered with snow and ice. Under such circumstances, your car may be more difficult to control than usual. Even if the road looks normal, it may be icy and slippery, meaning that braking distances are longer than usual. Decelerate and leave a sufficient distance from the vehicle in front.


If you decide to stop and watch the Northern Lights, reindeer or other sights, you must make sure that the spot is safe for stopping. Do not leave your car unlit on the road under any circumstances. Use the hazard lights only in the event of an emergency.

Driving off-road

Please be aware that navigators and smartphone map applications may lead you to off-road areas. Driving on snowmobile routes, skiing tracks and other off-road terrain is prohibited.

Animals on the road

Beware of animals on road areas, particularly reindeer and elk. Slow down if you spot an animal in a road area. Reindeer and elk often move in herds. Call 112 if you hit an animal.

Print brochure

Finnish: Autolla Suomessa (Opens in a new window) (PDF)

English: Finland by Car (Opens in a new window) (PDF)

Russian: НА АВТОМОБИЛЕ ПО ФИНЛЯНДИИ (Opens in a new window) (PDF)

Spanish: Finlandia en coche (Opens in a new window) (PDF)

Italian: Guidare in auto in Finlandia (Opens in a new window) (PDF)

French: La Finlande en voiture (Opens in a new window) (PDF)

Japanese: 車で巡るフィンランド (Opens in a new window) (PDF)

Chinese: 自驾游芬兰 (Opens in a new window) (PDF)

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