Wearing a reflector in the dark and crossing the road using the zebra crossing where possible improve pedestrian safety. Wearing footwear that is appropriate for the weather conditions especially when the roads are slippery reduces the risk of accidents.


Safe cycling requires the use of safety devices, anticipatory riding and having an appropriate bicycle. Some 65% of cycling fatalities are caused by accidents involving a motor vehicle.

Drinking and driving

Drunk driving is a crime regardless of whether the vehicle is driven on off-road terrain, on an ice-covered lake, on a road, or anywhere else.


A seatbelt is an effective safety device in road traffic and it must be used regardless of whether you are sitting in the front or back, in a taxi, or in a long-distance bus. According to estimates, one out of three casualties of fatal road accidents would have survived had their seatbelts been secured.

Driver distraction

Driver distraction and inattention in road traffic and the resulting accidents have become a world-wide problem. Drivers are often tempted to use their mobile phones while driving, even though studies have shown that the risk of accident is increased for drivers using mobile phones while driving.


There are over one thousand elk collisions per year in Finland. Reduced speed especially in high risk areas gives the driver more time for observation and shortens the braking distance.