The information of the monitoring system is gathered as a joint effort of several organisations whose work involves the traffic safety sector. Besides Liikenneturva these organisations include National Institute for Health and Welfare, Ministry of the Interior and the Finnish Transport Agency (driving speeds of cars). Liikenneturva maintains the system and also takes care of publicising the results regularly.     

Information regarding traffic behaviour is compiled in regular intervals utilising the same research methods and the same research locations.

The measurements are conducted regarding the following areas (the organisation-in-charge in parentheses):

  • use of seatbelts by car drivers and frontseat passengers (Liikenneturva)
  • use of seatbelts by private cars’ backseat passengers (Liikenneturva)
  • car drivers’ signalling upon making a turn (Liikenneturva)
  • alcohol consumption cases in flow of traffic (National Institute for Health and Welfare,  Police)
  • use of bicycle helmet (Liikenneturva)
  • compliance with traffic lights by pedestrians (Liikenneturva)
  • pedestrians’ use of reflector (Liikenneturva)