The information is also utilised in research in the field. These pages provide general information on the traffic safety situation in Finland and the trends in road casualties in recent years.

Liikenneturva publishes monthly information collected by Statistics Finland on road traffic injuries and fatalities. The data is then used annually to produce analyses of accidents among different age categories and groups of road users.  Liikenneturva also publishes monthly information collected by emergency services on the number of people seriously injured on the roads.

Statistics Finland and Liikenneturva along with other partners also jointly publish road traffic accidents statistics service. It is an Internet-based database service, where the user can make the desired statistical selection using the PX-Web interface. The service contains information on road traffic accidents in Finland reported to the police and on fatalities and injuries in them by road user group.Enquiries for more detailed information may also be addressed to Liikenneturva’s statistical services. The information is based on road accident data entered in police records.

Statistical databases

The coverage of the statistics

With regard to fatal accidents, the coverage of the statistics is 100%. According to Statistics Finland, some 20 % of road accidents leading to physical injury are reported to the police. There are differences in the reporting rate for different types of accidents. The coverage of the statistics is the lowest for single-vehicle accidents involving cyclists. The deficiencies in the statistics are primarily the result of accidents not being reported to the police.

The majority of the accidents that are not included in the statistics involve minor injuries, as the Finnish Road Traffic Act only requires accidents to be reported to the police if they result in serious physical injury. The most typical reasons for an accident not being reported to the police include the injuries or damage being minor and the parties involved reaching agreement on compensation.