Employee participation in decision-making

Liikenneturva places a high priority on employee participation and giving employees the opportunity to exercise influence. Operations are planned jointly by all personnel. The management of personnel-related matters at different administrative levels and employee representation in the organisation’s various administrative bodies are regulated by the Act on Liikenneturva, the government decree on Liikenneturva and Liikenneturva’s rules of procedure.

At Liikenneturva, co-operative bodies, co-determination meetings, the employee council, and the occupational safety and health delegation participate in discussion and decision-making on matters as required by this programme, the Act on Co-determination within Undertakings and the co-determination agreement. The interests of personnel are further represented by shop stewards and the occupational safety and health delegate.

Training and professional development

Liikenneturva is an expert organisation. Liikenneturva provides employees with opportunities for training and professional development. In 2015, employees received training equivalent to three working days. Annual performance and development discussions support the professional growth of the organisation’s experts.

Occupational safety and health, equality, and non-discrimination

The aim of Liikenneturva’s occupational safety and health activities is to create physically and psychologically healthy and safe working conditions for all employees. A new occupational safety and health action plan was created for the year 2013. Liikenneturva also prepared an equality and non-discrimination plan in 2011.

Occupational health services

Liikenneturva provides statutory occupational health services to employees as well as general and special medical care as stipulated by the relevant collective labour agreements. The occupational health service action plan for 2016-2018 emphasises the importance of early support and intervention. Well-being at work is monitored in various ways, including an annual questionnaire.