Our mission

We implement the road transport safety vision as part of the national promotion of traffic safety and serve all road users. Locality is an important factor in making traffic education effective.

We influence the values, attitudes, and traffic behaviour of Finnish citizens as well as contribute to greater traffic safety awareness and respect for safety in society. We value and support volunteer work to promote traffic safety.

We maintain a well-informed dialogue on traffic safety through communication and campaigning.

Liikenneturva’s vision

Liikenneturva’s vision guides the development of the organisation and its ways of working. The future vision comprises three main elements:

  • Liikenneturva will maintain its value as an independent expert organisation that understands road users and is capable of exercising a wide-ranging influence in order to promote traffic safety. Our role in promoting traffic safety in the relevant national and regional decisions will be strengthened further.
  • Our nationwide co-operation network will be strengthened and our operational quality will continue to improve. By activating and supporting our network we increase the level of voluntary safety activity among our partners.
  • Liikenneturva will continue to be seen as a forerunner in promoting traffic culture and voluntary traffic safety work. We ensure continuity in the discussion of the key safety issues. Liikenneturva’s services are constantly in demand among the media, authorities, organisations, road users, and policymakers.

Our values

Safety first

Liikenneturva’s core competences include influencing road safety, promoting traffic culture, and understanding and defending the human perspective in traffic-related decisions and policies.


Our expertise, independence and work quality are based on empirical data and reliable statistics.


Liikenneturva is a reliable, flexible, and co-operative partner that has developed a network and created contacts across administrative boundaries and different interest groups. We activate and assist our partners in incorporating the promotion of safety into their activities. Through our regional activities, we reach regional and local parties throughout the country and maintain direct contact with road users and policymakers.