Communication and Campaigning

We maintain a well-informed dialogue on traffic safety through communication and the implementation of campaigns on current traffic safety phenomena. Close co-operation with various media outlets is an important aspect of our activities.

Regional activities and municipal work

Liikenneturva’s 12 regional offices work in close co-operation with various authorities, organisations, and media in their regions. Our local presence helps us coordinate traffic safety work at the national level while working at the grassroots level, close to the users of Finland’s roads.

Member co-operation

Liikenneturva is a national central organisation for volunteer traffic safety work. It has 58 member communities representing different sectors. We operate in close co-operation with these organisations and the authorities in the field. Co-operation with member communities is an effective approach to improving traffic safety, as it allows us to take advantage of their special expertise and contacts.

The results of member co-operation include a campaign against drink-driving, a stop check of tyres, Car Day, Car Free Day, Seniors Week, and Accident Day.

Lifelong traffic education

Liikenneturva provides lifelong traffic education. To this end, we produce diverse training materials for different age groups and introduce those who work with these groups to traffic education.


We provide training programmes and learning materials for moped drivers, motorcyclists, snowmobilists, drivers of motor passenger vehicles, drivers of heavy vehicles, and senior drivers.

Research and statistics

We produce and collect traffic safety material to support the planning and targeting of communication and training, and evaluate the results of the implemented measures. Our statistics services are based on reliable and current data.

Our empirical and statistical data serve the needs of the media and the authorities in matters related to traffic safety.

International activities

Traffic safety work is organised differently in different countries. The Nordic countries, in particular, have organised their training, education and communication activities that support traffic safety in much the same way. International co-operation is a useful avenue for information sharing and learning for the Finnish Road Safety Council. By exercising influence in international organisations, we strive to improve traffic safety in Finland and in Europe as a whole.

The Finnish Road Safety Council is a member of the following international organisations: ETSC, European Transport Safety Council and NTR, Nordiska Trafiksäkerhetsrådet. We also support the UN and WHO project Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011–2020.