The Finnish Government appoints the Chairperson and four members representing the Finnish Transport Agency, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of the Interior, and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The General Assembly of the Central Organisation elects seven members to the Board of Directors as well as a personal alternate member for each. 

The Chairperson and other members of Liikenneturva’s Board of Directors are appointed or elected for a term of two calendar years per time. The terms are staggered, with half of the members having their term of office conclude each year.

Board of Directors

Appointed by the Government


Kalle Jokinen, Member of Parliament (2018-2019)

Members and alternate members

Finnish Transport Agency:

Heikki Hernesmaa, Safety Director (2018-2019)
Mirja Noukka, Director General (alternate member) (2018-2019) 

Ministry of Education and Culture:

Jukka Lehtinen, Counsellor of Education (2017-2018)
Heli Nederström, Counsellor of Education (alternate member) (2017-2018)

Ministry of the Interior:

Jari Pajunen, Police Inspector (2018-2019)
Seppo Sivula, Police Inspector (alternate member) (2018-2019)

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health:

Hannu Ijäs, Director (2017-2018)
Pirjo Lillsunde, neuvotteleva virkamies (alternate member) (2017-2018)

Elected by the General Assembly of the Central Organisation

Ulla Niku-Koskinen, Liikennevakuutuskeskus (2018-2019)
Kalle Parkkari, Liikennevakuutuskeskus (alternate member) (2018-2019)

Johanna Vilkuna, Suomen Kuntaliitto (2018-2019)
Hanna Kemppainen, Suomen Kuntaliitto (alternate member) (2018-2019)

Sakari Kaikkonen, Ammattipätevyyskouluttajat ry (2018-2019)
Timo Kima, Rahtarit ry (alternate member) (2018-2019)

Jarmo Jokilampi, Suomen Autokoululiitto ry. (2018-2019)
Iiro Lehtonen, CEO, Finnish Transport and Logistics SKAL ry (2018-2019)

Pasi Ritokoski, Occupational Health Secretary, AKT ry (2017-2018)
Harri Pasanen, Secretary, AKT ry (alternate member) (2017-2018)

Markku Sainio, dosentti, Suomen Lääkäriliitto (2017-2018)
Jyrki Varjonen, pyskiatrian erik.lääkäri, Suomen Lääkäriliitto (varajäsen) (2017-2018)

Tero Kallio, Managing Director, Autotuojat Oy (2017-2018)
Pekka Rissa, Managing Director, Autoalan Keskusliitto ry (alternate member) (2017-2018)

Management Group


Anna-Liisa Tarvainen, Managing Director


Anteroinen, Pasi, Organisation Manager
Hara, Kaisa, Communications Manager
Karvonen, Eini, Contact Manager (personnel representative)
Kinisjärvi, Rainer, Regional Mananger
Lintamo, Heli, Contact Manager (personnel representative, alternate member)
Reinikainen, Visa, Administration Manager
Tuomikoski, Satu, Education Manager
Valtonen, Juha, Research Manager

Secretary Sini Aarnio-Kurki