The road safety training programme developed by UPM and Liikenneturva has reached thousands of UPM employees globally. The online course is accessible for all UPM employees and is aimed for everyone travelling by car, for work or leisure. The training has been translated into nine languages and it is part of UPM’s induction package.

“We keep on working hard to remind every single one of our employees and service providers of the active role they play in making everyday life safe. By investing in safety culture, we help our employees in making good decisions and committing to safe choices. We also support the safety of our employees in their free time. This road safety training programme is a good, practical example of everyday choices that influence everyone’s own future and the future of those around us,” says Merja Partio, Director of Occupational Health and Safety at UPM.

The training programme covers five aspects of traffic: being in a hurry, seatbelt usage, being fit to drive, inattention and controlling your own mind. Liikenneturva is responsible for the content of the training programme. UPM manages the training platform and practical implementation.

“This is a brand-new training model for commuter traffic. The course contains a great deal of self-evaluation and reflection on personal choices and driving behaviour. After completing the 30 minute course, participants give their personal traffic pledges and select an aspect of traffic behaviour that they will focus on in their everyday life, says Jyrki Kaistinen, Planner at Liikenneturva.

Long-standing collaboration

UPM, and especially UPM Forest, has been collaborating with Liikenneturva for years, with the goal of improving the safety of commuting. The online training has taken this collaboration to the next level, from local to global.

“We have received excellent feedback on safety related online trainings for UPM employees. That’s why we wanted to try a similar approach on the theme of road safety, and now we can reach a large number of employees easily with the online course. Collaboration with Liikenneturva has been valuable and fulfilling. They know all about traffic safety, we know our organization and its characteristics,” says Partio.

“This is a perfect example of cooperation that improves the safety commuting and traffic in general. UPM is an active partner that has shown great initiative. It’s safe to say that we’ve only been here to help them do the work themselves,” says Toni Vuoristo, Training Instructor at Liikenneturva.

Watch also video: UPM employees giving their personal tips for traffic safety

For further information please contact:

Merja Partio, Director of Occupational Health and Safety, UPM, tel. +358 20 4150 311
Jyrki Kaistinen, Planner, Liikenneturva, tel. +358 20 7282 345
Toni Vuoristo, Training Instructor, Liikenneturva, tel. +358 20 7282 349